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Johnny Warman (
Date:Fri 25 Feb 2011 16:51:35 GMT
Subject:The Mods play The Who at Bognor FC on March 4th

Really hope that you can all make it to "Live at The Rocks" Bognor FC on the 4th March to see "The Mods" play their "Total Who Show" that features all their early hits plus songs from Quadrophenia, Tommy and Live at Leeds. This is 2 hours of full on, in your face, music from one of the Greatest Rock Bands that has ever been "The Who" and played by World Class Musicians who give it all that they've got too. Great atmosphere, sing your hearts out, and feel great at the end of it all !!!

The weekend definitely starts here!!! Kindest Regards Johnny Warman

The Mods live in Austria where we played last year in front of 40000 Harley Davidson Fans, at their biggest Rally in Europe. Taken from a mobile phone, it is still riveting, and so powerful !!! We were booked straight back as well as an extra Festival in St Tropez.



Paul Cannons (
Date:Fri 11 Feb 2011 17:56:30 GMT

Can anyone tell me if this cafe and motorcycle group was the same one started by my great uncle Bill Shepheard in the 30s Bill as I understand lived in Leatherhead and founded a meeting place and Cafe at Box Hill.
any info would be great
Paul Cannons


mark jarvis (KJARVIS98@HOTMAIL.COM)
Date:Thu 02 Dec 2010 17:58:59 GMT
Subject:can u help

please can u help me, i have found out my dad's ashes have been at box hill, i would like to know if u have a place were they would be put. my dad's name was simon bee bonds from brighton he did go to boxhill please can u help me, u can email me at my mums please please help


graham everitt (
Date:Fri 13 Aug 2010 16:00:47 BST
Subject:bygone days at boxhill

i first started rideing to box hill on my honda cub 50 about 1965, i lived in south london then [wandsworth]sw18 i think.i bought the bike in balham for 79gns brand new.i remember a car park attendant in a white overall used to tell you where to park. nice bloke cant remember his name, in those days miclemen bends usd to be a duel carrage way,since then i been a regular visiter on various bikes.all ways liked a sunday blast to boxhill for a cupper,chips.etc so for over 40 years i been going to the hill,.i now moved to somerset so cant visit so often, but last week on my way back from denmark 0n my transalpe bloody m25 was closed at junc 8 - 9 so had to go down m23 past gatwick and past boxhill about 10oc at night so still visiting in other back to somerset at bikers keep up the tradition keep going to BOX HILL. WOOHOO... GRAHAM P EVERITT,


james russell (
Date:Wed 04 Aug 2010 15:27:35 BST
Subject:old times

I was regular down ryka's (every frickin day!) between 1988 and 1992 (until I lost my licence mainly thanks to surrey police and mickleham bends). I'd love to hook up with some of the others from back then, fiona,simon,big alan, mat magill,tapps, lisa fenn,Jo etc.. great memories..


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